Natural Plum Extract (90g)

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Crafted by hand using pesticide-free methods, this Plum Extract is created by carefully harvesting 50 kilograms of plums to yield just 2 kilograms of concentrated extract. Developed with a holistic approach, it offers remarkable health benefits and serves as a daily remedy to alleviate symptoms associated with gout.

Crafted to perfection, just a spoonful of plum extract, when mixed with lukewarm/hot water. The manufacturing method is as exceptional as the product itself – undergoing a precise 72-hour infusion, guaranteeing a powerful ingredient known for its effectiveness in treating issues such as gout, H. pylori, acid reflux, bloating, dental inflamm-ation, and liver detoxification.

Cultivated on two pristine mountains in Taiwan by Plum Mama, Plum Mama's plums are handpicked at the peak of freshness. What sets our plum apart is not just the absence of pesticides but the commitment to purity – directly harvested and expertly brewed to preserve the essence of nature. Elevate your well-being with our Plum Elixir, a testament to the harmonious union of tradition, nature, and health.

It is suggested to take it right after consuming alcohol to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover the next day.

The product was produced and cultivated in Taiwan.


100% plum extract

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