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  • Helps relieve nervousness and stress
  • Promotes sleep and the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Supports the quality of sleep
  • Natural sedative (nervine and sedative properties)
  • May improve circulation
  • Beneficial for stress, fatigue and insomnia
  • May help with menstrual and muscle cramps

Since ancient times, valerian has been used as a medicinal herb. The part of the plant used is the rhizome (“root”), which is generally harvested near the end of September when the essential oil content is highest. The fresh root does not smell bad. Its distinctive aroma develops as the root dries. Valerian possesses calmative, nervine, sedative, analgesic, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

Valerian helps with nervousness (relaxing muscles) and promotes natural sleep habits. It acts like a mild sedative helping to stabilize mood and promote healthy sleep. Traditionally, valerian has been used as a sedative;
improves circulation and reduces mucus from colds. It
is also good for fatigue, high blood pressure, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual and muscle cramps, nervousness, pain, spasms and stress. Clinical studies have shown that valerian shortens the time it takes to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep. Valerian has an anxiolytic effect. These effects are suspected to be mediated through the GABA receptors (a class of receptors that respond to neurotransmitter pathways).

Supplement Facts

RECOMMENDED USES: Helps relieve nervousness and promotes sleep.


Valeriana officinalis Extract 1:1 (Valerian Root) ............................................. 2.5 g NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENT: Purified water, 20% Ethanol.


Adults: Take 1⁄2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) one to three time(s) per day. As a sleep aid: Take a single dose 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Take an earlier dose during the evening if necessary. Can be mixed with juice or water. Shake well before use.

CAUTIONS: Consumption with alcohol, other medications or natural health prod- ucts with sedative properties is not recommended. Sleep aid: Consult a health care practitioner if sleeplessness persists continuously for more than 3 weeks (chronic insomnia). Some people may experience drowsiness. Exercise caution if operating heavy machinery, driving a motor vehicle or involved in activities re- quiring mental alertness within 2 hours of consumption. Do not use if security seal is broken.

STORAGE: Refrigerate after opening. Store away from children. Consume within six (6) months after opening.

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