Flora Pumpkin Seed Oil (250 mL)

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Looking for a new way to add some distinctive flavor, as well as a healthful boost, to your next salad or pasta dish? Flora Pumpkin Seed Oil brings a characteristic nutty flavor to the table, while Flora's unique method of cold pressing helps retain the original rich flavor. On top of providing omega -6s and -9s, the dark color of the natural, unrefined oil signifies a high content of chlorophyll.

    • Pressed in Flora's state-of-the art oxygen-free and light-free environment
    • Produced in small batches, unrefined and nitrogen-flushed to preserve freshness
    • Kosher + Non-GMO + Organic + Vegan

Supplement Facts


Flora’s Pumpkin Seed Oil’s beautiful dark green color and rich, distinct flavour adds zest to all kinds of salads, vegetables, and pasta dishes, making it ideal for everyday use. Store at room temperature. Explore our recipes for inspiration.

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