Comvita UMF 10+ Raw Manuka Honey MGO 263+ (500g)

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Comvita UMF 10+ Premium Manuka Honey is globally renowned for its unique flavor and numerous health benefits. It supports digestive health and the respiratory system, aids in the relief of coughs and soothes the throat. Additionally, it provides excellent natural energy. 

TRUSTED: When it comes to UMF (stands for "Unique Manuka Factor") Honey there really is no comparison as Comvita is traceable from hive to shelf. Every single batch of Comvita UMF Manuka Honey is independently analyzed and certified for quality, purity and authenticity by the UMF Honey Association. The UMF number indicates the level of the unique Manuka properties within the honey. 

PURITY: New Zealand Manuka honey has long been valued for its health-maintaining benefits. Our beekeepers are the world's leading experts in honey crop quality, understanding the value of utmost purity. Comvita UMF 10+ Manuka Honey is a pure New Zealand active Manuka honey with a guaranteed activity factor of 10+, with a Minimum MGO of 261 and a Minimum NPA of 9.7.


Exp: 07/2026

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