Tourmaline Magnetic Self-Healing Lumbar Protective Belt

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Item Type: Tourmaline Back Lumbar Protective Brace

Color: Black

Material: Neoprene, Tourmaline, Magnets, Elastic Band and Leather

Wellvis Tourmaline Self-healing magnetic lumbar belt combines chiropractic technics with the advanced material science of minerals to allow relief of the common lower back pain with ease!

Tourmaline magnetic mineral radiates healing heat when combined with a magnetic pole inside. It is designed to fit the human body tightly while remaining comfortable.

Natural healing radiation of Tourmaline help instantly relieve Lower Back, Sciatic nerve or Lumbar pain, as well as preventing recurrent pain.

Product Features:

  • Immediate Relief: Simply wear it on the affected area for instant effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive Therapy: Combines negative ions, far infrared, magnetism, and self-heating for long-lasting benefits.
  • Comfortable and Versatile: Provides comfort and aesthetics, allowing for uninterrupted use during daily activities such as work, study, and leisure.
  • Energy-Efficient and Durable: Operates without external energy sources, ensuring reliable quality and minimal need for repairs.
  • Instant Heat: Offers immediate warmth without the need for external electricity or heat sources.

Good add-on treatment supports along with physiotherapy. Or,

  • You have chronic or sporadic lower back pain
  • You spend long hours sitting, especially drivers, office workers etc..
  • You spend long hours standing
  • Your work requires lots of carrying or bending
  • You consistently practice exercise and need a healthy recovery

Could help with pain in:

✔️ General lumbar muscle sprain/strain

✔️ Lumbar ache

✔️ Pain from a herniated disc or Sciatic Nerve Pain


  • Not Suitable For: Individuals with high fever, bleeding disorders, temperature sensory issues, or skin damage at the application site. For acute soft tissue injuries, wait 24 hours before use. Prohibited for those with pacemakers or allergies, unless under doctor's supervision.
  • Common Reactions: Local redness or burning may occur, which is normal and will dissipate upon removal of the product.
  • Care Instructions: Avoid immersion in water; instead, gently wipe with clean water. Do not use detergents or bleach for cleaning.
  • Restrictions: Not suitable for pregnant women or children. Discontinue use if discomfort arises, or consult a doctor for guidance.

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