Ferosom Forte LCE Liposomal Iron Supplement (capsule & sachet bundle)

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Try both - Bundle comes with 1 box of 20 capsules and 1 box of 20 sachets
High Absorption
Two technologies deliver superior bioavailability. Ferosom Forte’s liposomal form and proprietary LCE Coat™ ensure the iron remains intact as it passes through the gastric acid so it’s absorbed across the entire small intestine, without losing a lot of nutrients along the way.
Minimal Side Effects
No upset stomach, No constipation, No metallic taste.
Doctor Recommended
For anyone struggling with iron deficiency. Recognized by the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecologists.

Turns out, iron can taste good. Our berry-flavoured Ferosom Forte iron powder sachet is designed for superior absorption, without the harsh metallic taste. Plus, it’s formulated with Folic acid and Vitamins D, B6, B12, and C for extra nutrients. 

While most iron supplements get broken down by stomach acid and bacteria, our proprietary LCE Coat™ skips the stomach breakdown and goes right to your intestine. That means no stomach pain, nausea, or constipation. Just a simple and effective supplement with the highest absorption rate next to IV iron.

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Natural product Vegan product Gluten Free product Non-GMO product Plant-Based product

Exp: 06/2026

Supplement Facts

 Medicinal Ingredients (per 1 sachet):

Elemental Iron (Ferric pyrophosphate
microencapsulated LCE Liposomal™ form)
21 mg
Folic Acid 400 mcg
Vitamin B12 1.75 mcg
Vitamin B6 1 mg
Vitamin C 70 mg
Vitamin D 10 mcg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Guar gum, lecithin, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, starch-maize, sucralose, xanthan gum, d-Sorbitol

Recommended Use

For Adults: One sachet per day with food; oral administration directly into the mouth (totally dissolves without the need of water), or mix with drink or food. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or as directed by your physician. Consult a healthcare professional before use.

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