Genestra HMF Digest-zyme (60 caps)

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  • Features fungal amylase, protease and lipase
  • Provides 25 billion CFU per daily dose from a combination of four proprietary probiotic strains
  • Aids digestion and promotes gastrointestinal health
  • Convenient capsule format

HMF Digest-zyme supports overall digestive function with a combination of vegetarian enzymes and proprietary, research-driven probiotics. Each convenient capsule provides fungal amylase, protease and lipase to help break down carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, respectively. Adequate production and activity of digestive enzymes is critical for proper nutrient digestion and absorption, including the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.1-3 HMF Digest-zyme contains microbial-derived enzymes that act like those normally secreted by the body, aiding the digestion of nutrients. Research suggests that microbial enzymes, such as those derived from Aspergillus oryzae, are stable and active across a wide pH range, allowing them to function throughout the entire digestive tract.3 To further support gastrointestinal function, this formula includes clinically studied Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria strains to promote colonization in both the small and large intestines. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, HMF Digest-zyme is an easy way to promote both digestive and gastrointestinal health.

Supplement Facts


  • Probiotic Consortium..........12.5 billion CFU
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus ( CUL-60 & CUL-21) ................10 billion CFU
  • Bifidobacterium animalis lactis (CUL-34) & Bifidobacterium bifidum ( CUL-20) ..................... 2.5 billion CFU
  • Alpha-Amylase (Aspergillus flavus var. oryzae) .........................4.5 mg (750 FCC DU)
  • Fungal protease (Aspergillus flavus var. oryzae) ...20 mg (20000 FCC HUT)
  • Triacylglycerol Lipase (Rhizopus oryzae) ..........13.3 mg (933 FCC LU)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Cellulose, hypromellose, sunower lecithin, silica

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