Genuine Health marine collagen lemon lime (152 g)

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Your daily clean source of pure marine collagen 

Collagen is important! It keeps your skin looking youthful and hydrated. But beginning in your 20s, your skin will lose 1% of its collagen each year. marine clean collagen helps to replace the collagen lost to the aging process and supports youthful, hydrated skin, healthy joints, nails and hair! 

marine clean collagen is sustainably sourced from the deep, cold seas of Atlantic Canada. 

Stir marine clean collagen into your coffee, oatmeal, energy bites and yogurt, shake it with water or add it to a smoothie—you’ll love how easily it mixes. 

Pure, Bioavailable Marine Collagen Peptides

Each scoop of marine clean collagen gives you 10g of pure highly bioavailable collagen—with nothing else added! Our process hydrolyzes the collagen molecules into smaller peptides that can be easily absorbed throughout your body for healthier skin, joints and more.

Sustainably-sourced from the North Atlantic

At Genuine Health, we believe that the health of our planet is tied to the health of our oceans.

We source our marine clean collagen from wild caught cod, pollock and haddock in deep water oceans off the coast of Atlantic Canada. Our marine clean collagen is both sustainably sourced and upcycled, an exciting solution we feel good about (and we know you will, too!).

Collagen for Youthful Skin

80% of the collagen in your skin is Type I collagen. In aging and sun-damaged skin, there is a loss of Type I collagen. marine clean collagen is an excellent source of Type I collagen, which helps to replace the collagen lost to the aging process and supports youthful, hydrated skin, healthy joints, nails and hair. Think of marine clean collagen as your fountain of youth!

Diet-friendly, Easy-to-mix

marine clean collagen is gluten and dairy-free and works with most diets, it is also keto and paleo-friendly.

Shake up marine clean collagen with a splash of juice and ice, add some mint and sparkling water for a refreshing skin boost.

Lab Tested for Purity & Quality

marine clean collagen is sourced from wild caught fish in Canada’s beautiful North Atlantic. Every batch of marine clean collagen is third party lab tested for heavy metals and other contaminants

Helpful Tips & Directions
  • clean collagen is a source of essential amino acids involved in protein synthesis. Source of the amino acid lysine to help collagen formation.
  • Adult Dosage: Add one scoop (10.76 g) per day to a hot or cold beverage of your choice and shake or stir until fully dissolved.

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