Gravity Water System Ceramic Pre-Filter

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Designed for Santevia's Gravity Water System 

 Removes Particles and Contaminants From Water

0.3 Micron Pore Size

  • REPLACEMENT FILTER: The Santevia Ceramic Pre-Filter is a replacement filter for the Santevia Gravity Water System.
  • PHYSICAL FILTRATION: Create cleaner, pure tasting water with the Santevia Ceramic Pre-filter. The Ceramic Pre-filter has a pore size of 0.3 microns that prevent impurities from passing through it.
  • FILTERS RUST & MICROPLASTICS: Tap water is known to contain hazardous impurities like rust, sediment and microplastics. The Santevia Ceramic Pre-filter reduces these impurities through physical filtration.
  • LONG CONTACT FILTRATION: The Ceramic Pre-Filter slowly filters water to enable the process of long contact filtration. Long contact filtration increases the time your water has in contact with the Gravity Water System's main 5-Stage Filter or Fluoride Filter and drastically increases impurity reduction.
  • LASTS 1 YEAR: The Ceramic Pre-Filter lasts for 1 Year and can be scrubbed with an abraisive sponge to increase the speed of filtration and extend the filter life.

Only Santevia reduces impurities and adds back healthy minerals.

What you remove from your water is only half of the filtration process. Adding back essential minerals optimizes your water to create healthy and great tasting water. The Gravity Water System uses 3 main components to make this happen: A Ceramic Pre-filter, a Fluoride Filter, and Mineral Stones.

  • Filters chemicals like chlorine, glyphosate, lead, and aluminum
  • Adds minerals like calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals
  • Alkaline minerals raise the alkalinity (resistance to acid) of your water, supporting your body's ability to neutralize excess acidity
  • Adding healthy minerals to water makes it taste fresh and delicious

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