Kidzvita Organic Vegan Vitamin D3 Drops 400IU (3.6ml)

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Kidzvita vitamin D3 is extracted from certified organic lichen and prepared in organic extra virgin olive oil. All ingredients are non-GMO and sourced from organic plants. The Vitamin D3 form (also known as cholecalciferol) is produced naturally by the human body when exposed to the sun, which has superior bioavailability compared to vitamin D2. Kidzvita Organic D3 Drops is suitable for every kid and is especially great for people who adopt the vegetarian/vegan diet.  All our products are produced under GMP standards and tested by a third party to guarantee potency and purity.

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin to maintain proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth.  It is involved in various biological reactions, including the natural regulation of cell growth, immunity, and cell metabolism. During the growing ages, new bones form much faster than old bones break down – 90% of peak bone mass is acquired by the teenage years. Building bone strength before these crucial years prevents conditions like osteoporosis later on in life.  For this reason, ensuring adequate vitamin D intake is important for healthy growth and development!

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Organic Vitamin D3 (Cladina rangiferina, VegD3®) 10mcg (400IU) 

Suitable for children from 0 to 3 years old

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