Maplelife Triple-Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil (300 Softgels)

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Triple on Those Omega-3's! With fish oil, it is always essential to go with the right dosages. Not only do we have to look at that for fish oil, but also its omega-3's - namely DHA and EPA.

Why Should You Supplement Omega-3?Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the body which, unfortunately we cannot produce. Having said that, our body depend entirely on food sources and dietary supplements. Yet, it's often hard to get to a high dosage from just food alone, making supplementation a vital step to wellness.

Fuel The Brain and Heart with DHA!Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain and heart, which appear to be particularly important for cognition, focus, behaviours, and prevention of heart diseases. With supplementation, it has been found that there are better metabolic measures such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Fight Inflammations with EPA! When we think about anti-inflammatories, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is always on the top of the list. Extensive research indicates that high EPA helps to reduce inflammations in the body, lessening the health consequences from the complex inflammatory cascades, which can be very damaging to the body.

The Best is Made in Canada. Triple-Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil is proudly Canadian! Our fish oil is made with quality and research-backed ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours, wheat, dairy, soy, gluten, or yeast.

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Exp: 01/2025

Supplement Facts

Each softgel:

Fish oil: 1000mg

- providing 400mg EPA, 200mg DHA

Non medicinal ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, purified water, Tocopherols excipient NF

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