Pure Plum Extract (90g)

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Taiwan Ancient Italian Plum Shop – Pure Plum Essence, Missed The Harvest Period To Wait For The Next Year To Have Goods!
The Founder, “Mother Of Plums”, Insisted On Planting Green Plums In The Natural Farming Method In The Back To The Garden In Dulanshan, Taitung, Without Artificial Fertilization Or Pesticides. The Mature Green Plum Is Produced On The Same Day Of The Harvest, And It Is Never Overnight, And The Plum Essence Is Made In The Freshest State. Because It Is Harvested On The Same Day, It Is Done On The Same Day, So The Quantity Is Limited! 
◎ Finished On The Same Day, Never Overnight, Fresh Green
◎ Insist On The Materials Of Mei Jing, Must Be Screened And Confirmed, The Quality Is First Class.
◎ Medical Grade Special Cooking Pot
◎ 72 Hours Of Refining, Concentrated 50 Times The Essence
◎ The Taste Is Delicate, It Is Very Long And Heavy, The Aftertaste Is Very Strong, Long And Sweet, And The Mouth Is Moist And Delicious.
◎ Supply Starts Around May And June Each Year, And Production Is Limited.
◎ Once Sold Once A Year, You Must Wait For Next Year.
Exp: 04/2026


This plum extract is made from pure Alpine plums, with the pulp carefully separated and refined for 72 hours. It contains no added sugar, salt, or additives and has been certified by SGS for having no chemical residues.
How To Eat:
Use Dry Chopsticks Or A Small Spoon, Dipped In Some Plum Essence Directly Into The Tongue, You Can Slowly Feel The Strong, Sour And Sweet Taste, For A Few Seconds, Drink Hot Water And Sip The Mouth, Hot Water Will Help The Plum The Effect Can Be Spread To The Whole Body, And It Can Be Adjusted To The Same Amount Of Hot Water. It Is Especially Important To Sleep At Night Before Going To Bed. It Is Better To Eat More Than Twice During The Day. After A Few Days, The Effect Is Very Significant.
Origin: Taiwan
Capacity: 90g

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