Santevia Gravity Water System Mineral Stones

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Designed for Santevia's Gravity Water System 

Adds Healthy Minerals and Makes Water Alkaline 

Makes Water Taste Delicious

The Alkaline Difference

By adding alkaline minerals Santevia water filters raise the pH of your water by up to +2.0 units creating a smooth and silky taste. These alkaline minerals raise the alkalinity (resistance to acid) of your water, supporting your body's ability to neutralize excess acidity. Too much acidity, caused by certain foods and stress, can lead to poor health and chronic illness. Choose mineralized alkaline water so your body can thrive.

MINERALS IN EVERY GLASS: The Mineral Stones continuously release easily absorbed minerals into the water, including calcium, magnesium, phosporus and potassium to create water that’s healthier for you. Support your optimal health and love your body from the inside out with clean and mineralized water.

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