Smokeless Moxa sticks (2 sticks/pk)

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 Moxibustion is a natural therapy that involves applying heat to specific acupoints on the human body to promote health and wellness.

Smokeless moxa sticks have a higher density, which results in stronger burning and penetrating power. They can reach deeper acupoints and provide better effects.

✔️Mugwort stick to be ignited to warm the muscles in depth.

✔️High-temperature carbonization for smoke elimination

vacuum packaging

How is the smokeless Moxa sticks made

The dried mugwort leaves are packed and compressed before being placed into a carbonization kiln. They are first dried at a lower temperature to remove moisture and then carbonized at a higher temperature. Once carbonized, the mugwort leaves are ground into a powder to create mugwort charcoal. This mugwort charcoal is then thoroughly mixed with a syrup made from white sugar, and the mixture is put into specific molds for compression and shaping, resulting in smokeless moxa sticks.

Buy 5, ship 6. (Buy 5 get 1 free)

Instructions : 

  • Ignite one stick with a lighter or torch and gently wave the heated smokeless moxa in the direction of the affected area.
  • Always be moving the heated stick over the affected area. Prevent overheating
  • Keep a minimum distance of 4 centimeters from the skin.
  • As the stick is in use, use a container to discard any ash created.
  • To extinguish the smokeless moxa, insert it into a tray of sand or salt.

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